Get Plan Conectados for Mexico
and El Salvador.

A Sprint and Movistar exclusive. Up to 4GB of data in El Salvador and up to 7GB of data in Mexico plus unlimited calls and texts within the country. Best part: it's included in your Sprint invoice.

 A Movistar number in Mexico or El Salvador is required.

The best rechargeable plan for Mexico.

National calls and textsUnlimitedUnlimited
Calls and texts to USUnlimitedUnlimited
Social Networks Data2GB2GB
Total Data (Including Social Networks)4GB7GB

The best rechargeable plan for El Salvador.

On-net min (Movistar to Movistar)Unlimited
National calls300 min
US calls400 min
Total Data (Including Social Networks)4GB
Download the app

It's that easy


Download the App on your Sprint phone.


Select a contact from your address book.Your contact must have a Movistar phone number.


Select Plan Conectados and send.

Download app

Detailed step by step process:

  1. Download the World Top-up app.
  2. Enter your Sprint number and we will send you a 6-digit passcode.
  3. Enter passcode when prompted by the app.
  4. The App will search in your Address Book for phone numbers in Mexico and El Salvador.
  5. Select a contact. Your contact must have a Movistar phone number in Mexico or El Salvador.
  6. Choose "Plan Conectados".
  7. A text message will be sent to your family member in Mexico or El Salvador with the Plan Conectados details.
  8. A $25 or $15 top-up charge will be applied on your Sprint invoice.